November 19-20, 2016

Another great year, thanks to everyone! If you were not at the Toronto Sound Festival, you missed amazing performances and presentations.

We want to thank our Sponsors and Vendors

Roland Moog Audio Long & McQuade Art for the Ears Artoffact Storming the Base Saved by Technology CremaCaffe Hexinverter Intellijel Syinsi

Our amazing Presenters

Robin Heisey Craig Renaud The Canadian Electronic Ensemble David Sutherland Heidi Chan Jacob Watters Steve Castellano Lyle Crilly

Our talented Performers

Joe Byer The Canadian Electronic Ensemble Jacob Watters AndroidDreams Heidi Chan David Sutherland Biologik Steve Castellano Paul Stillwell Nailbiter Nirun

Our tireless volunteers

Lynn Ivana Rob (from now on known as Rochester Rob) Victor Robbie and the staff at Tranzac (thanks Matthew!) Everyone who brought stuff to noodle on

Everyone who attended!

According to many attendees, this year was better than last year, so don’t miss out on an even better Toronto Sound Festival 2017!