TSF 2017 Speaker Announcement – Steve Castellano!

Steve Castellano

Steve has presented at every Toronto Sound Festival!  His talks always have lots of well researched information and are presented with a great sense of humour and style.  This year Steve took on what for some would be the daunting task of building the TTSH clone of the classic ARP 2600.  He is going to share his experiences, trials and tribulations.  Steve’s Two Thousand Six Hundred Minnie Meanie made it’s first public appearance at the October 2017 edition of Frequency Freaks (where the photo above was made) and it sounds amazing!

Steve is a writer and musician currently living in Toronto. He took up classical piano at the age of 8 and acquired his first analogue synthesizer when he was 14. At he 17 moved to Toronto where he studied composition under James Tenney and electronic music under Phil Werren at York University. He currently performs and records on a 520 hp Eurorack modular system augmented with an Elektron Octatrack and Moog Sub 37. You can listen to his music at stevecastellano.bandcamp.com.

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First Speaker Announcement for TSF 2017!

We are truly excited to announce the first of many speakers for the 2017 Toronto Sound Festival!

Emmy nominated composer Amin Bhatia has been both a synth programmer and a film score composer for over 30 years. His prizes at the Roland Worldwide Synthesizer competitions won him international fame in his youth, leading to projects with David Foster and Steve Porcaro.

His “Interstellar Suite” (Capitol/Cinema) became a landmark album for analog synthesizers when he created an orchestral epic without using any samplers. The sequel “Virtuality” was the first album to be endorsed by the Bob Moog Foundation. Of note is “Bolero Electronica”, Ravel’s masterpiece performed on 75 years of synthesizers in chronological order.

Though he now uses real players and orchestral ensembles in his writing, his days with a Roland sequencer and a Minimoog have given him an unusual insight into the subtleties of arranging and orchestration for both real and imagined instruments.

His tv scoring credits include “Anne with an E”, “Flashpoint” and “X Company”.  Film credits include “Iron Eagle II” and “John Woo’s Once a Thief” as well as several IMAX features for award winning director David Lickley.

Amin has consulted for many synthesizer companies including Roland, Arturia, Spectrasonics and Sequential.


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