Past Events - 2018

Synthesizer Petting Zoo

11am-4pm Saturday

The Synthesizer Petting Zoo is a community space for sharing and discussing hardware synthesizers be they modular, semi-modular, digital, analogue, with keyboards or without. Feel free to come in, get your hands on some cool synthesizers and talk to their owners about how they use them.

Over the years there have been some incredible synths in this area from massive eurorack modulars, to MOTM 5U modular to classics like the Yamaha CS-40 and Korg MS-20 (last year there two of these beasties!  An original from 1979 and the re-issued Mini).

There are some basic rules... don't save any patches or settings, and treat everything gently and with respect - especially the more elderly synths. Headphones are required in this quieter retreat away from the main exhibit hall.

Feel free to bring your own to show off - we are all interested in them!  The room is supervised and only people with All Access or Talks Only passes will be permitted entry.

Gear Swap

11am-4pm Saturday

Got gear you wish you didn't? Bring it to the Toronto Sound Festival with you and make someone a deal or trade.

The two happiest days in a synthesist's life are when they buy a synth, and when they sell one! We recommend the Synthesizer Petting Zoo as a good place to conduct your dastardly deals!


2pm-4pm Sunday

A special DRONE:KLUB Gathering for attendees of the Toronto Sound Festival 2018. Both droners and audience are welcome to DRONE:KLUB:22 for a 90 minute community-drone improvisation.

If you're attending and have brought your electronics, please join us for the drone-exploration session!

We'll be recording for a potential free album release - like these.

Loadin / Setup / Hangout - 2pm to 2:30pm
The Drone begins at about 2:30pm and ends at about 4:00pm

If you're droning, bring some long wires to reach the house mixer. Bringing headphones (to hear your part of the ensemble drone more clearly) & a tuner (if you're analog) would be a plus.

PS - Weaving your sounds in and out of the Drone leaves soundspace for the other droners - and an opportunity to check out their gear!

Acid Jam

11am-12pm Sunday

You asked for it, so here it is! Back by popular demand is our community Acid Jam event - just bring your own XOX, XOa or other acid box, a patch or midi/cv cable, and join in on the synchronized fun!

Of course, we also need drums, so don't forget those classic XOX drum units! Not to be missed by any music enthusiast, this jam session is likely to become a staple event for years to come.