Sponsors are welcome to sell at the festival and will have their names and logos on any webpages, screens or other promotional material.

Please contact us for pricing, registration instructions, additional information, or any questions you may have.

Sponsors receive the following:

  • Table to present your product
  • Admittance to the festival and concert for 2 people
  • Logo in regular rotation on our web site for at least 6 months after the festival
  • Logo on the physical festival and concert posters (provided confirmation and payment are received by October 25)
  • Logo on the virtual festival and concert posters (as soon as we receive confirmation, payment, and logo)
  • Logo in regular rotation on the festival screen
  • 15-20 minute scheduled presentation time slot
  • 3 pieces of promotional material (small promo leaflet, sticker) available to attendees of the festival (from the registration table)