Day 1 Room 1 - Main Hall North Room - Talks Room 3 - Vendor Exhibit
10:00 am Doors Open Doors Open Doors Open
11:00 am Welcome Modular <-> Daw Interoperability Vendor Exhibits
Noon Acid Lunch Free Vendor Exhibits
1:00 pm Free A History of Acid Vendor Exhibits
2:00 pm Synthesizer Petting Zoo Using Samples in a Modular System Vendor Exhibits
3:00 pm Synthesizer Petting Zoo My Dinner With Wendy Vendor Exhibits
4:00 pm One Clock to Rule Them All Feedback Patching Techniques Vendor Exhibits
5:00 pm Free Free Closed
6:00 pm Free Free Closed
7:00 pm Closed Closed Closed
8:00 PM Doors Open for Free Concert Closed Closed
9:00 PM Heidi Chan Closed Closed
10:00 PM Android Dreams Closed Closed
11:00 PM The Canadian Electronic Ensemble Closed Closed
12:00 PM Jacob Watters Closed Closed
Sunday 1:00 AM Joe Byer Closed Closed
DAY 2 Room 1 - Main Hall Room 2 - Conference Room Room 3 - Vendors
10:00 AM Doors Open Doors Open Vendor Exhibits
11:00 AM Free Thinking Outside The Box (using modules in non-standard ways) Vendor Exhibits
12:00 PM Ambient Lunch Free Vendor Exhibits
1:00 PM Free Randomness, Uncertainty and Chaos Vendor Exhibits
2:00 PM Free Panel Discussion The Canadian Electronic Ensemble Vendor Exhibits
3:00 PM SWAP MEET Closed Vendor Exhibits
4:00 PM Wrapping up Closed Vendor Exhibits
5:00 PM Closed Closed Closed