Community Events

One Clock to Rule Them All

We will be organizing another “One Clock To Rule Them All” jam – everyone shares the same master clock (and the same tuning reference if they’re tonally-oriented), and the mix master brings different performer combinations out, all live. Bring your synths!  MIDI and Analog clock will be shared!  Check out the video below for a sampling of what happened when this was done at a Frequency Freaks modular synth workshop.  We will be recording this to be published later on our web site.

Bring long cables to get your audio to the mixing board, and cables long enough to share MIDI/Analog clock with your neighbour.  If you are going analog, a tuner would be a great thing to have!

Synthesizer Petting Zoo

Bring your gear, show it off, let some other folks touch it too.  Previous examples include many modular systems, Yamaha CS-40M, Elektron Analog Keys.  Rumour – this year there could be a Korg MS-20 (a real one! not a mini/clone/replica) and we know of at least a few modular rigs coming!

Important Rules:  Never save a patch on someone else’s synth!  Be gentle, some of these synths are older than you!  Pay attention… when patching, out goes to in… never patch out-out or in-in.  If you have questions, ask someone!  If the owner of the rig or synth you are sitting in front of isn’t there right now, ask someone beside you or the room monitor. 

If you are uncomfortable leaving your baby without your supervision while you attend a talk or two or visit the exhibitors, we will have a Synthesizer Coat Check.  Simply pack your gear nicely and check it in with our friendly Synth-Check attendant free of charge!

Gear Swap

Lots of synth people around all the time… You can make it known that you have gear to trade/sell.  Use the “All Buttons In” group on FaceBook to communicate and arrange your deals.  The Tiki room or main hall are ideal places to check things out.


Maybe you came prepared, maybe a talk or someone else’s performance has inspired you!  The Tiki room is the place for attendees who would like to perform in front of an open minded, welcoming audience.  At this time, we do not welcome DJ sets or 100% “in the box” (computer based) performances.  We like hardware and we want to see it used!  If you would like to perform, please make the music.  If you are attending and would like to perform, please let us know ASAP and we can reserve a slot for you.