Creativity and Creative Focus

This talk will explore a workflow philosophy we’ve developed at Rabid Elephant that informs our output. All creative projects have to balance the tension between open ended play and directed output. We’ll look into how to keep the process iterative while ensuring net forward movement, how to smoothly transition from the spontaneous moments to meaningful progressions, and what the implications are for our hardware rigs, as well as the modules and instruments we design.

Date & Time

November 23, 2019 11:00 AM

Yoni Newman

Yoni Newman is a musician, artist, sound designer, and member of Rabid Elephant Artists Collective. We make electronic music instruments, records, custom rigs, and various other creative outputs, all of which operate from an ever evolving philosophy rooted in rigour, honesty and lightness. Working under these principles seems to lead to
things of value, and certainly makes for a fascinating journey. His current projects include Rabid Elephant’s instrument designs, ambient synth trio “Karla”, as well as various techno/electro collaborations.