Wind Bubbles and Cloud: How Doctor Who Helped Popularize Electronic Music

From its theme song, created from tape loops of oscillators, to its spearheading work with electronic incidental music in the 1970s to its on-trend synth scores of the 1980s, the music of Doctor Who has been both on the cutting edge of electronic music and a key force for making it a normal part of popular culture. Explore the mad geniuses behind the scenes that made Doctor Who’s music so influential.

Date & Time

November 23, 2019 2:00 PM

Graeme Burk
Graeme Burk

Graeme Burk is a writer, podcaster and nerd. He has written five books about Doctor Who including the upcoming publication Who is the Doctor 2 (March 2020 from ECW Press). He is producer of the Doctor Who podcast Reality Bomb ( and the music podcast Deeper Cuts (