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Wind Bubbles and Cloud: How Doctor Who Helped Popularize Electronic Music

From its theme song, created from tape loops of oscillators, to its spearheading work with electronic incidental music in the 1970s to its on-trend synth scores of the 1980s, the … Read more

Vocal Processing Techniques

If you use vocals in your music, it is most likely the first thing a listener will connect with. Why not give your vocals just as much creative attention as … Read more

Synthesis 101

Synthesis 101 is a whirlwind tour of over 60 years of synthesizer technology. We’ll look at a variety of synthesis methods from modular analogue to the hybrid universe of instruments … Read more

Starting and Running an Independent Record Label

Sonja (Sofie Mikhaylova) will talk about how she got started when she created Biblioteka Record, things she learned, problems she faced, resources she found helpful when starting, and focusing on … Read more

Standalone Boxing

Along with sound demonstrations, Allan talks about learning the language of standalone hardware instruments and getting them to cooperate with each other, developing new skills of organization, and balancing ingenuity … Read more

Producing and Performing with the New Roland MC Grooveboxes

Join Dustin Good from Roland Canada as he will be demonstrating the MC-707 and MC-101.  This session will showcase the possibilities for original production, live performance, deep sound design, integration … Read more

Ondes Martenot and the Pursuit of Musical Expression

From 1928 until his death in 1980, Maurice Martenot designed and continually refined one of the most expressive electronic musical instruments. Explore the history of this rare instrument and the … Read more

Never Enough VCAs: Designing Programmability into Subtractive Analogue Synthesizers

The recent expansion of the modular synthesizer market has contributed to renewed interest in and demand for original analogue synthesizer designs from the 1960s and 1970s. Jeff will discuss the … Read more

Mixing & Mastering Your Electronic Music

Sean Savage will expose some of the myths surrounding Mastering and Mixing Electronic Music. Topics will include Dynamic Range, Loudness, Frequency Masking, Balance and Effects. Sean will share some the … Read more

Live Mixing Vocals

As a concert producer, Bob rented many sound systems which arrived with a soundman. By working with many sound techs, he learned that they often have a one-instrument bias. A drummer … Read more