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Generative Sound Ideas for Film and Media

Live demonstration of generative patches and exploration of unconventional VCO’s (everything’s an oscillator if you’re brave enough!).  A generative approach to composition can help film and media composers “detach from … Read more

Exploring Experimental Music through Constraints

Synthesist Cayce Fischer will discuss her process of exploration and employing creative constraints in composition. Modular synthesizers are touted as a limitless playground—but building a modular instrument, and the creative … Read more

EuroRack Synth DIY Crash Course

The talk will be centered on Gabe’s personal experience and discoveries while building his system. He will be providing an overview of the whole build process from essential requirements to … Read more

Creating Natural Imperfection in Music

Finding a balance of flowing and seamless sequence recording within your DAW can be a challenging task. Working within a grid can often lead to flat and robotic mixes. In … Read more

Composing for Film and Television vs. Performance

This all-star panel of talented film composers will discuss the differences in approach, style, and planning between film and television compositions and those meant for live performance. Panelists: Steph Copeland … Read more